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What is neoGate?

NeoGate is an SMS gate for companies. It is an online system thanks to which you can easily and comfortably learn more of the benefits of SMS marketing, set SMS notifications for you service or application or make use of the possibility of cheap calling.

Main advantages and benefits of the system

How do you imagine your dream car? Let us guess – perfect design, intuitive operation, high performance, low consumption, emphasis on safety + high-standard included?
We have developed neoGate exactly according to these criteria.

  • The system can be operated intuitively. You will be able to operate it quickly without having to read extensive manuals.
  • The operation and functions of the system were so developed as to fulfill specific requirements of each company in communication with its customers.
  • There is no need to fix or install anything. All you need is to have a computer with an internet connection.
  • No further costs for the activation or maintenance of the system.

Quiz: Guess what means this sign?

Call us right answer and you can receive bonus credit 50 SMS for free.


Why with us?

There are many reasons why to cooperate with us. Here are some of them…

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We care about the quality of our services!

  • SMS are sent only by using high-quality and secured channels.
  • Delivery notification for each SMS.
  • Very intuitive and sophisticated interface for sending and evaluating.
  • Easy implementation within your system.

We like to deliver more than expected! We help our clients with:

  • Building the customer database
  • Correct timing of send-outs
  • Writing SMS texts that work better for customers
  • Execution of send-outs
  • Evaluation of send-outs
  • Creation of black list

Everything for great prices!

  • SMS from CZK 0.72 without VAT.
  • Calling from CZK 1.19 without VAT.
  • No activation fee.
  • No fixed payment tariff.

And there is more:

For clients who make regular or larger send-outs we prepare special bonuses: e.g. a presentation in other projects of ours that can bring hundreds or thousands of potentional customers on client’s web or into his shop. That is free of charge.

Do you want to know more?

Not enough?

We have special bonuses for clients who make bigger regular send-outs! For example, a free presentation in other projects of ours that can be evaulated up to CZK 20 000.

Here you can show your services or products and bring to you hunders or thousands of potentional customers for your services.

Don’t you believe it? We will be pleased to persuade you..

Something about the creators of neoGate

How to describe our company in the best way? We will not tell you the standard cliches that we are experts, that our company is young, dynamic and progressive and that our product is unique even though it is true :-)

Neogenia – the genuis of communication – this motto describes our company very well.
See for yourselves and contact some of satisfied clients of ours.

Who „tasted“ our services

Like the best chefs we also do our best to satisfy our clients in every way so that they want come back and reference us to others.

The system neoGate is used by more than 2 000 companies not only in CZE but also abroad – „taste“ our services too.

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