Case study

How to raise revenues by 4 000 000 CZK for the investment of 45 000 CZK?

You can see for yourself how you can raise your revenue by 520 % by using minimal resources.

Case study

Our mission

Our client needed to inform the registered customers about a weekend discount action in order to increase the revenue. Our client needed to sell an assortement of clothes and therefore organized a weekend discount action. The client used our SMS marketing system to effectively inform the customers about the discount.

Our solution

Our client sent us the database of 95 000 registered customers which we informed about the discount action within several hours.

Mission outcome

The sendout contributed significantly to a dramatic increase in weekend revenues in all shops and the eshop of the client. The revenues were increased by CZK 6 500 000 which is a 520 % increase compared to a typical weekend. The costs of the sendout were CZK 45 000 so the investment in the sendout was paid for several times.

Client’s testimonial

"Considering a decreasing efficiency of e-mail newsletters we were looking for another tool by which we could inform our clients about various discounts. The investment into SMS marketing was paid for several times and therefore we are going to repeat the sendout several times a year."

Solid database is key of success

Expenses of stable client's orders are up to 7x lower than expences on obtaining new client

  • holding contests
  • providing discounts
  • exclusive news
  • loyalty club benfits

Inform of special offers

  • at the stores (leaflets, store window)
  • online
  • on social medias
  • newsletter e-mails
  • blogs
  • newspapers and radio broadcasts

Contat acquisition

  • customer registers by SMS (contact information automatically stored in database)
  • online form registration
  • social medias or e-mail registration
  • face-to-face registration at store

Our successfull campaign

How to get 20.000 contacts in 14 day?

  1. Client held contest for valuable tour and a lot of other prizes
  2. Contest was advertised at own stores, online and in social networks
  3. Customers have registered by sending short message to specific phone number
  4. More than 20.000 contats were successfully obtained in less then 14 days.


vast expansion of contact database
option of consecutive addressing potential customers, offer favourable deals

increased interest of sompany
see at followed chart


On 14. 2. newly registered customers received contest question. It's clearly noticable, there is 16 times bigger search amount of company name. Right answer was avaliable of being found on the company web. Client respond was almost 100%.

We can help you with building or expanding your customer database. Do not hesitate to contact us or send request! You can even use our external database with more than 1 000 000 contacts.

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