SMS for restaurants, culture and entertainment

Are you organizing an event everyone should be aware of?

Customers who have once used your services and were satisfied are more probable to return, especially if you offer them some benefit. All is needed to do is to remind yourself!

Do you have your client database? If not, we will tell you how to do it

Marketing SMS

  • Vouchers and discounts for events
  • Special offers – 2 for 1, student party, poker tournament
  • Invitations for theme events – Valentine Day, New Year’s celebration
  • Individual birthday offer

Informational and notification SMS

  • Confirmation or remainder of reservation
  • Information on opening a new restaurant
  • Confirmation of meal expedition – your meal will arrive in 10 minutes
  • Information on a change of place or time of an event
  • Internal communication with employees

Running costs

Service activation Free
Month fee None
Confirmation of delivery Free
Marketing advices Free
Technical support Free
SMS price ot CZ operators from 0.72 CZK without VAT
You only pay for sent SMS.
abroad SMS price list on demand.

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