Informational SMS

Some numbers for the start

Did you know that in the beginning of 2013 there were 13.5 million active SIM cards in the Czech Republic and that more than 7 billion SMS were sent in 2012?

Today, SMS notification is a common and expected standard of high-quality sellers, eshops, but also of cities and other subjects.

They are a quick and comfortable method of informing your customers, citizens or employees about any event or action.

Possible ways of using SMS

There are dozens of possibilities of using informational and notification SMS. Thanks to our clients we explore new ones every day.

Notification SMS

  • Sending a pass code
  • Information on the status of an order
  • Information on when goods will be delivered/delivery date
  • Notification of a debt
  • Remainder of a service check

Informational SMS

  • Information on what is going on in a city
  • Change of a date or time of an event
  • Communication with employees
  • Result of a sport match
  • Etc.

Running costs

Service activation Free
Month fee None
Confirmation of delivery Free
Marketing advices Free
Technical support Free
SMS price ot CZ operators from 0.72 CZK without VAT
You only pay for sent SMS.
abroad SMS price list on demand.

Specific examples

Dear customer, your order is waiting for you at the address Brnenska 1,Brno, Mo-Fri 9:00–17:00. Have a nice day, Your eshop. We are remainding you that you still have not paid the invoice No. 12548. Please, place your payment until the end of the week.

Dear citizens, there will be a power outage in you street Brnenska on the 6th of July 2013 from 9 AM to 2 PM.Your Mayor.

Dear employees of the company ABC, s.r.o., we would like to invite you to a company barbecue that will take place on the 6th of June 2013 starting at 5 PM in the ABC premises.

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