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Premium SMS

Are you looking for higher income from premium SMS of top provider? Contact us and we will arrange keyword, phone number and activate your service for you.

Premium SMS benefits

  • SMS voting
  • Holding SMS contests – knowledge, price-winning etc.
  • Charging registration or entering to web section, advisory
  • Charging registration or activation of arbitrary service
  • Charging sending of information to your clients by form of SMS

Net commision of PR SMS

SMS Price
with VAT
SMS price
without VAT
Net commision without VAT
Telefonica O2 T-mobile Vodafone
Kč 3,- CZK 2,50 CZK 0,90 CZK 0,79 CZK 0,72
CZK 6,- CZK 5,00 CZK 2,25 CZK 2,03 CZK 1,53
CZK 9,- CZK 7,50 CZK 3,38 CZK 3,04 CZK 2,43
CZK 20,- CZK 16,67 CZK 8,10 CZK 7,35 CZK 4,95
CZK 30,- CZK 25,00 CZK 12,60 CZK 12,60 CZK 8,78
CZK 40,- CZK 33,33 CZK 17,10 CZK 17,10 CZK 13,20
CZK 50,- CZK 41,67 CZK 21,60 CZK 21,60 CZK 17,48
CZK 79,- CZK 65,83 CZK 37,61 CZK 34,65 CZK 31,69
CZK 80,- CZK 66,67 CZK 41,10 CZK 35,10 CZK 32,10
CZK 99,- CZK 82,50 CZK 51,60 CZK 44,10 CZK 43,35

Expanding the existing database

Did you know that costs for executing an order from an existing customer are as much as 7 times lower than winning a new customer?

Nowadays, a database of contacts is a key asset for every successful company. We can help you to build or expand your database.

Using an external database

An experienced marketer can set the right ratio between working with existing clients and acquisition of new ones.

One of the tools how to acquire new customers is to use our external database with over 1 000 000 recepients.

SMS contest/survey

Let clients get in touch with your company by usage of contests and surveys. Try our communication know-how with possibility of feedback thanks to which you can obtain a lot of contats of new customers. We'll gladly help you.

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